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Monday, April 26, 2010

A few rough days

So post surgically Im doing great!  No more pain meds...just a little Ibuprofen here and there.  I have a very small and managable amount of pain.

However  I want to eat something real.  Im tired of mushy, squooshy dont have to chew anything food.  Im tired and frustrated and I know that part of it is I am not getting enough calories.  I ate about 600 calories yesterday.  Yep not good!  Ill be lucky if I get to that today.  No wonder Im feeling crappy.  Tired, achey muscles, blah. So I need to take better control of what I am eating. 

I went to the grocery store tonight and stocked up on healthy things that will make me feel a little bit better.  I got canned pears and peaches! (Yep I know the fresh ones are so much better for me, but they arent squooshy enough...so I have to compromise for now! )  I got things to make smoothies ( and Ill add my Greek yogurt to get extra protein in)  I got yogurt.  I got things that I will feel satisfied with.....I hope.    Oh and applesauce.  Woo hoo applesauce!

I think Im in need of some potassium as well.   I think thats why my muscles are achey.  Bananas here I come.  Squishy bananas, but still....potassium.

I stopped by the Bariatric center today to pick up a few ProStats.  They are little "squirts" of 15g of protein you can add to things.  While I was there I said  " Im day 5 and Im hungry!  Is there anything else I can eat?"
I got " Have you read your book?" (the golden guide to Lap Band before during and after)
me....yes I read the book
her...well its all in there (granted...she was nice about it)
me...you dont have any magic words?
her...no magic words...just stick with it...this is the hard part
me...so I cant move on to the next stage and eat more yet
her...nope not yet...you will just cause problems you don't want to have
me...okay...I knew that...I just needed someone to tell me NO

So I went to GNC and got some more flavors of protein drink....yummy yummy (NOT)  I feel like such a poser walking into GNC.  As soon as you enter there are posters and big cut outs of all the big beefy muscley...is that a word?...men and beautiful thin trim women.  The guy behind the counter is like 22 with huge biceps and here I come....Um...I need some Isopure Plus please.   I almost feel like I just don't belong in there.  But hey...I dont really care what the guy behind the counter thinks of me.  Maybe he thinks...hey good for her!  But im my mind I hear....What the heck does she think she is doing in here.  Holy COW!  But either way...I get what I need and go on my merry way!

I found this website that lets me track all my food.  It counts up my protein and carbs and calories and well pretty much everything.  It's great.

So my goals for tomorrow are
   Track all my foods....know exactly what Im putting in!
   Drink more milk....protein and yummy
   Eat more frequently and get a good amount of calories in...healthy calories!
   Stick with it!  and dont push it!!

Everyone said the surgery was the easy part.  They were right.  This is the pits!  But Im moving toward a healthy me...with my tummy grumbling all the way...but Im moving!!!!

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