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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Back to Work

On Friday I saw my surgeon for my 2 week post op visit.   Officially I have lost 9 lbs!  Yippee for me.  I was given the green light to go back to work without restrictions and to start my exercise program again.  Everything looks great and Im progressing as I should.  I will return to see Dr. McKee again in 4 weeks at which time we will decide if I need a fill or not.  A fill is when they add saline through a port I have under my skin.  The saline fills the band and makes it a little tighter.  More restriction makes you feel fuller.  I don't have any in there yet.  Initially the restriction you get is from the inflammation from the surgery.  As long as I continue to lose weight at 1-2 lbs a week and am feeling full and satisfied they keep me where I am.  If not they add a little saline. 

Well this weekend Im back to work.  The working part is easy.  However, Im used to eating when Im here.  A lot.  Every place  has food in a hospital.  There is alway cake for someone's birthday, or cookies for some appreciation week, or just because someone felt like bringing something in.  There is even a candy drawer in the ER.  An entire drawer full of  lots and lots of candy.  Aghhhh!!! There is food everywhere!  It is also very very slow this weekend, so I have a lot of downtime.  I used to fill that downtime with eating. 

I feel hungry.  It is probably because I am bored.  It may also be because Im losing that inflammation post surgery and I don't have as much restriction any more.  I still feel full, but Im finding it takes just a little more to eat for me to feel that way. 

Im proud of myself, though.   I brought food with me to work for the weekend.  I haven't had any of those yummy snacks I keep seeing all over the hospital.  I haven't even ventured down to the cafeteria.   Im eating more, but Im eating what I brought, so I know its good for me.  Yippee me!  So Im sticking with it, getting healthy!!

This week....Excercise!!!!!!

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  1. Hi Danielle
    So Proud of you! My sister said she actually grieved the loss of food...it still takes alot of will power to make those changes, no matter if you have the band or not...get out there and move girl! Really great job....Love ya Alisa