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Monday, February 8, 2010

It's been a long time

Ive been away from this blog for awhile.  I got wrapped up in the holidays, 2 crazy kids...3 if you count my husband and my computer broke!

However, today I got "the letter".  "The letter" is from my health insurance company saying they have approved my surgery and it will be covered!!!  I don't think I realized until I read it how very much I want this.  I cried like a baby in my kitchen while reading it.  I had been having some 2nd thoughts, cold feet, wondering if this is really what I need/want. 

That question was answered as I cried in my kitchen and realized how very important this is to me.  As I initially read "the letter" I thought they were declining to cover.  And I was mad!...then as I finished it and realized they would cover it and all of this would go through and now quite quickly...that's when the tears came.

So next step...meet with Nate the trainer, who will set me up with a gym program and show me what I need to do for that aspect. 

This Friday will be my first support group meeting. These are mandatory before the surgery.  I should hear when I will meet with Nate shortly.  Then its going to happen fairly quickly.  Im thinking by the end of March.

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